Lea Bertucci (NYC) + Taral Naik & Daniel MacNeil

We’re excited to announce that our second show of 2018 features NYC composer, sound artist and space-braider Lea Bertucci. Celebrating her new LP, the heavily resonant, psycho-cumulative Metal Aether (out Feb 9 on NNA Tapes), Bertucci is sure to warp the walls of The Khyber. Joining Lea for this evening of long-form musicality will be local sitar/tabla duo Taral Naik & Daniel MacNeil. Tickets available here

Beverly Glenn-Copeland and Friends + Nick Dourado / Jan 20th 2018

We’re thrilled to announce our first show of this year’s off-season programme: on January 20th, in partnership with suddenlyLISTEN at the Halifax Music Co-op (2164 Barrington St) we’re hosting two incredible spirits, Beverly Glenn-Copeland and Nick Dourado. Ticketing, accessibility and performer info can be found on our events page. Start the new year right, grab some tickets for this lifechanger right here, right now, or go a little deeper and become a member of our organization and get in FREE.

AGM // Call For Board Members

As we prepare for our 11th year of bringing new sounds into the spotlight, we’re seeking support in doing so. If you’re looking for a way to get involved with OBEY, attending our AGM and/or joining our board is a great place to start :::

OBEY is looking to expand its Board Of Directors by bringing people with fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table. We are looking for individuals who show attention to detail, a willingness to ask questions, an enthusiasm for the organization and who have sufficient time to fulfill the requirements of the position they take on, including attending board meetings (approx. 6 annually).

If you are interested, please send a brief letter of interest to kat@obeyconvention.com including:

– Your name and contact information
– What interests you about being a member of the OBEY Board

* We welcome interested parties to self-identify in any way they feel comfortable as well as including any insight into pertinent work / volunteer experience

Joining the OBEY Board of Directors is a great opportunity for artists or supporters of the arts living in Halifax NS. Board members play an active role in supporting OBEY staff, artists, and community members in maintaining and developing a vision of an inclusive, forward-looking music organization. Anyone with a membership in good standing is eligible to run for a board position. If financial contribution presents a barrier, we are open to skill trades and volunteered time (10 hours minimum) in lieu of payment. If this option appeals to you, simply include a note in your letter of interest.

To nominate another member, please supply the name and contact information for your nominee and we will contact the nominee directly prior to our AGM :::

The OBEY Convention Music & Arts Society AGM

Thursday December 7th 6-8 PM | Plan B, 2180 Gottingen St.

Live Film Score ::: STRIKE ::: Mohammad Sahraei

Strike poster_29 SeptThis coming Saturday, Oct 7th, we’re collaborating with the Dalhousie Art Gallery to present a screening of Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 silent film STRIKE, which explores the strife and struggle of a worker’s revolt in the former Soviet Union.

We’ve invited local composer, musician and ethnomusicologist Mohammad Sahraei to create a score specially for this one-night only happening. Mohammad has put together an amazing piece that will be brought to life by a five-piece ensemble featuring Sahraei himself on tar, Matt Gallant of drums, Behrooz Mihankhah on piano, Yousef Mousavi on Guitar and Lukas Pearse on double bass.



Summer Deluxe ::: Double Buck Gooter!!!

That’s right, the infamous BUCK GOOTER, America’s most inspiring blooze-punkers are hitting Halifax again. Anyone who was around for their performance at OBEY Convention IIX will tell you in vivid detail all about the madness that is The Goot. Easily one of the most talked about bands in the festival’s history, these maniacs will be playing two unique sets you will not wanna miss!

BUCK GOOTER at Radstorm
w/ Maximata + Nightbummerz
Tuesday July 18th | 8pm
$10 | PWYC | No one turned away | All Ages


So Long! And See You Next Season!

Dearly Beloved,

Our annual celebration of wyrd sounds and wild souls has come and gone once again. We’re still reeling from the magic and feeling the residual sensations. As the heavy festival dust begins to settle, we’d like to send love out to all the people who made our 10th anniversary oh-so-special:

the artists who shared their vital voices
the crews who worked tirelessly
the volunteers who smiled and laboured graciously
the venues who opened their doors to us
the sponsors who made our dreams a reality
the board members that gently guide us
the strangers who wandered in
the children who danced in the aisles
the people listening
the people challenging
the people learning
the people teaching
the people present

Such an immense gathering necessitates collective work. We are so very blessed and so very proud to be surrounded by the wonderful people of Halifax. If nothing else, this weekend showed that our community is capable of hospitality and consideration beyond compare.

To all those who expended time, energy, resource, thought and heart to be with us, we are humbled. Your intensity and charity resound. THANK YOU.

– Kat & Andrew


10 Years Of Wyrd ::: Rachel Weldon aka DEBASER

tumblr_static_e4hbsdkv5igosgk0skswcg4ssOBEY X marks ten years of keeping things wyrd in Halifax. To honour this milestone, we’ve invited some close friends of the festival to reflect on what their experiences with us over the years have meant. This one comes care Rachel Weldon. Rachel is a righteous promoter from Ottawa who runs Debaser. An inspiration both in policy and programming, every artist who performs with Rachel glows radiantly about her and her hard work.

O: Any valuable lessons you’ve taken away from OBEY?

R: Not so much lessons as cherished memories and exciting discoveries

O: What are some of your fondest memories of OBEY past? 

R: The intense visceral sensations from Sarah Davachi’s set. A curious and captivating improvised set by Zs. Playing a mix of National Drone Day live streams through an amp pointed out toward the ocean. When Mykki Blanco left it all on stage. (This was all just from Obey IX!)
O: Any words of wisdom for people unacquainted with OBEY?
R: Don’t fear the unknown! Trust the programmers. Do / see / hear everything you can at Obey.
O: If OBEY were an acronym, what might it stand for?
R: Open Borders, Enter Yonder!
O: Why should people care about OBEY?
R: The programming is thoughtful and exciting, and the people are wonderful!

10 Years of Wyrd ::: Amy Vinnedge

IMG_0135OBEY X marks ten years of keeping things wyrd in Halifax. To honour this milestone, we’ve invited some close friends of the festival to reflect on what their experiences with us over the years have meant. This one comes care of Amy Vinnedge, the incredible mind and voice behind Vulva Culture among other local gems. She’s played our festival under many monikers and has been a HUGE supporter of the fest in many, many ways. It’s folks like Amy that make OBEY possible. Here’s what’s up:::

O: Any valuable lessons you’ve taken away from OBEY?

A: As a musician and song writer, obey is the most inspiring 4 days of the year for me. I end my weekend feeling energetic, enlightened, challenged and appreciative. At the end of the weekend I dig myself out of the comfort zone I live in the rest of the year and push myself further. My favourite songs I’ve ever written are songs I’ve started right after obey. 

O: What are some of your fondest memories of OBEY past?

A: My favourite obey moment was watching lubomyr melnyk at the conservatory during obey 8. I was completely silent and didn’t take my eyes off of him for the entire performance, and when it was over, I turned to my band mate Bianca who was next to me and both our faces were covered in tears

O: Any words of wisdom for people unacquainted with OBEY?

A: Go to everything! I would have never heard US girls, dirty beaches, noveller, wolfcow, Jef barbara, white poppy, grouper, Tropic of Cancer etc (SO MANY performers I love) if i hadn’t just jumped into every show I could. 

O: If OBEY were an acronym, what might it stand for?


O bviously

B est

E ver

Y eah!!!

(I’m the lamest)

O: What are you most excited for at this year’s festival?

A: I’m always very excited to see my local friends perform during obey (especially budi, aquakulture, geil and rabies) ! But I’m also very excited to see the submissives, echo beach, plasma lab and moor mother

O: What would you like to see at OBEY Convention’s of the future?

A: Gosh, obey has already stretched it’s arms out so wide already. The way they marry visual art and musical performances is one of my favourite things. More artist and musician collabs! 

O: Why should people care about OBEY?

A: I go to lots of shows, 90% of the time I leave early because I feel uncomfortable, like I’m not supposed to be there. Obey makes you feel like you belong everywhere. I’ve always been too weird for the ‘norms’, and too normal for the ‘weirdos’. The obey convention appreciates what EVERYONE appreciates. No one is ever left out.