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Eartheater is the pseudonym of the Queens-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin. As Eartheater, she distills foley-filled digital production, a three-octave vocal range, and classical composition into works suspended between obsessively detailed sonic tapestries and almost recklessly gestural electronica. Live performance is a central aspect of the Eartheater project, as Drewchin uses tension and improvisation to translate her intricate compositions into unforgettable corporeal expressions, enhanced by the accompaniment of concert harpist Marilu Donivan (LEYA). Drewchin made her full-length debut as Eartheater in 2015, releasing two consecutive albums on Hausu Mountain — Metalepsis and RIP Chrysalis. Since then, she’s pursued a rigorous tour schedule, sharing bills with contemporaries including Actress, Oneohtrix Point Never, Jenny Hval, Yves Tumor, Juliana Huxtable, Tim Hecker, and Nicolas Jaar. in 2018, Eartheater signed to renowned experimental label PAN to release her third full-length album, IRISIRI.