Pantayo at Halifax Jazz Festival

Our fourth and final show of the 2017-18 season brings a long-awaited delight. For the past few years, we’ve been in talks with hosting the big, beautiful group known as Pantayo, Toronto’s contemporary, Filipino kulintang ensemble. Finally, the stars have aligned.

Pantayo is an all-women musical collective. Their music explores the possibility of kulintang music as influenced by their identities as diasporic Filipinas. Grounded in the traditional music of the Maguindanaon and T’boli peoples of the Philippines, Pantayo’s music unfolds to reveal hints of Western minimalism, left-field library tunes and moments of New Age transcendence. The ensemble describes their work as ranging from ‘gentle punk music’ to ‘celestial r&b’.

Each member shares the experience of having been born in the Philippines and moving to Canada at a young age. Their practice of kulintang, a music that suffuses anything from celebrations, ceremonies down to day-to-day recreations in various cultures throughout the Southeast Asian country, is decidedly diasporic. Taking influence from various traditional approaches and widening them with flourishes of synth, keys and kick-drum, the result is a unique and all-encompassing sound. Meditative and heady.



Accompanying this concert, Pantayo will be offering a free participatory workshop entitled KuliVersity, exploring the history and techniques of kulintang, the Filipino musical tradition that anchors Pantayo’s sound. Attendees will be lead through a brief history and contemporary account of the practice and then invited to explore the instruments accompanied by a member of the group:

KuliVersity: An Introduction to Kulintang
Halifax Central Library
Tuesday July 10th | 2pm
FREE / All Ages

Halifax Central Library is accessible with both gendered and non-gendered accessible washrooms.

Date + Location

St. Matthew’s Church
1479 Barrington Street
Tuesday, July 10th

or FREE with OBEY Convention Premium or Juicy Membership

All Ages / Accessible / Non-gendered washrooms