drcA word from the turd…

First of all, I want to thank you all for the amazing support that you have shown the festival this year! We’ve never had such an overwhelming response leading up to opening night. Passes have been gone for more than a month, and almost half of our main shows are sold out or close to it. It means so much to us that you are as excited about these events as we are. Our crew has been working hard since late 2012 to put together this weekend. It’s incredible to believe that the day is finally here!

I want to run through a few housekeeping issues for the weekend. As I mentioned, a number of shows are sold out. Besides maybe a handful of tickets at Lost & Found, both Mac DeMarco shows and the Pissed Jeans shows are SOLD OUT. That means that no tickets will be available at the venue.

If you bought a ticket or pass, you are guaranteed admission. It would, however, be helpful to us if you could pick up your ticket in advance today at Lost & Found between noon and 6pm. We are trying our best to deal with logistics, but it will help the venues move efficiently if people have their tickets in hand at the door. If you must, you can also grab your ticket at the door. Please bring ID matching your pay pal receipt.

Also, we ask you to show respect for the venues, our volunteers and the art. These venues are special places to a lot of people. There will be large crowds in and out over the weekend, so we ask you treat the buildings and the art on the wall with a delicate touch. As for the people running OBEY, we’re going to try our best to make things go down as smoothly as possible. If there’s a lineup or mix-up, please be patient. We’re going to work it. ALL LOVE AT OBEY.

SO yeah, this is going to be an special four days!! I was going to make a staff pick list, but there isn’t an act or event in this festival that I am not wholeheartedly excited to see. Again, thank you all SO MUCH! This is a beautiful city full of wonderful people. I’m looking forward to spending these next days together. See you soon!

Darcy Spidle
Creative Director

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