with Guilt & Organ Magic
Thursday, August 22nd, Bus Stop Theatre
$10 | 10pm

Tickets available online
and at Lost & Found (2383 Agricola St.)

After contributing to their Electric Voice II compilation in early 2013, Brooklyn, New York’s Martial Canterel has gone on to sign with Halifax’s Electric Voice imprint for multiple upcoming LPs. The Halifax, Nova Scotia label begins its Martial Canterel catalogue with a retrospective of unreleased material from 2002-2003 entitled Navigations Vol. 1. The release will be supported by a Martial Canterel tour of select cities in Eastern United States and Canada, starting with an OBEY Convention produced event in Halifax on August 22nd. Halifax showgoers will also be treated to performances by spoken word noise duo Guilt and finger-fuck-dance wizards Organ Magic. Advanced tickets are available now both online and and Lost & Found (2383 Agricola St.). RSVP for the event on Facebook here.

Martial Canteral Biography
“Martial Canterel’s Sean McBride is the progenitor of American cold synth sounds of the 21st Century. He began under the moniker Moravagine before he started releasing limited edition cassettes and playing Brooklyn dives as Martial Canterel in 2002. Since then, McBride’s bleak intellectual exercises in the dark and danceable have flooded North America and Europe through the frosty fairwaves paved by Pieter Schoolwerth’s Wierd Records. With an inimitable minimal style merging… bright, urgent melodies ornamented and punctuated by the noises of industry and McBride’s sonorous, stern vocals, Martial Canterel’s recent releases (You Today, Refuge Underneath) have garnered both critical acclaim and a rapidly growing rabid fanbase. McBride’s influence can be heard in scores of bands in the Wierd cadre and beyond (he is also one half of the Weird Records duo Xeno and Oaklander). Through the collision of a uniquely humanistic means of production via live analogue synthcraft expertly paired with vocals and lyrics that reflect the pitfalls and pleasures of our age, Martial Canterel provides a visceral kick best felt on the dancefloor, amidst a flurry of flesh in motion.” Pieter Schoolsworth

Martial Canteral – Navigations Vol. 1 LP/DL (Electric Voice Records)
Martial Canterel’s Sean McBride began producing minimal dance music on analog synthesisers in 2002. His unique sound would go on to shape the cold wave/minimal-electronic movement of the last decade, but despite his influence, Sean’s work stands apart from the genres he has created. Instead of looking to any scene aesthetic, McBride has always turned inward, focusing on craft, process, and composition. Navigations Vol. 1 returns to those early days to chronicle sketches, unfinished works, and forgotten tracks. In this material we hear a pioneering artist draft the blueprint for what would become 21st century synth music.

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