Tristan Perich

Inspired by the by the simple elegance of mathematics and computer code, in-demand New York composer and sound artist Tristan Perich develops mesmerizing conceptual compositions that carry both a physical and emotional depth. Through the patterning of live instrumentation and purpose-built 1-bit processors, Perich’s pieces unveil a form of sonic holding pattern; the movement is slight and staggering. The sound presents a stillness that will not rest.

As a visual artist, his work has been installed across the globe, further unfolding his fascination with the manipulation of manipulation. Microtonal Wall (2011) consists of a 25-foot panel housing 1,500 microtonal speakers playing frequencies across four octaves. On first brush with the panel, the resultant space presents a wash of white noise. However, as the audience approaches the piece and moves about its length, the infinitesimal details begin to reveal themselves, insisting on an embodied form of listening. Many of his musical compositions function on the same principles: by breaking sound down to its most basic manifestation, the degree of detail becomes at once exaggerated and nuanced.

Perich joins us this April to offer a free-to-the-public artist talk exploring the principals and inner-workings of his fascinating catalogue. Following the talk, we’re thrilled to be hosting a performance of his work Surface Image, an evening-length concert for grand piano and 40-channel 1-bit speakers, performed by inimitable concert pianist Vicky Chow.

“Perich’s wildly complex and intricate frameworks yield something totally mesmerizing, hypnotic and sparkling.” – Rolling Stone, Best Avant Albums of 2015, ‘Parallels’



Artist Talk
@ Halifax Central Library - Rm 301
5440 Spring Garden Rd.
Saturday, April 15th, 3pm
FREE | All Ages