Tashi Dorji

Having grown up in Bhutan on the eastern side of the Himalayas, and relocated to Asheville, North Carolina in 2000, Tashi Dorji’s work weaves multiple perspectives and approaches into six-string improvisation. With little else than a guitar, Dorji conjures expansive, detailed soundscapes filled with unique flourishes and gnarly inclines. A single composition often includes manic modes of tension, passages of delicate introspection, buzzing fear and open-hearted wandering. In lesser hands, such an array might result in a jarring, schizophrenic listen. But where Dorji truly shines is his ability to string disparate tonalities together. Recalling the deft precision of a player like Ornette Coleman, shifting on a dime, Dorji’s compositions remind us that the lightness and the darkness are all of a piece. A true sense of feeling must ride the fuller spectrum.

“Each piece is a reactive internal monologue wherein previous pushes echo in later pulls. Follow all the darting notes and you can practically see Dorji’s neurons firing at each other, every one a point or counterpoint in an ongoing argument he’s having with himself [...] sometimes when you zoom in close enough, you can find infinity inside the infinitesimal, and Dorji has managed to turn what could have merely been small variations into some pretty grand spaces.” - Pitchfork Media



w/ Kira Daube + Special Costello
@ The Khyber ICA (1880 Hollis St.)
Saturday, November 19th, 9pm
$15 | 19+