10 Years of Wyrd ::: Amy Vinnedge

IMG_0135OBEY X marks ten years of keeping things wyrd in Halifax. To honour this milestone, we’ve invited some close friends of the festival to reflect on what their experiences with us over the years have meant. This one comes care of Amy Vinnedge, the incredible mind and voice behind Vulva Culture among other local gems. She’s played our festival under many monikers and has been a HUGE supporter of the fest in many, many ways. It’s folks like Amy that make OBEY possible. Here’s what’s up:::

O: Any valuable lessons you’ve taken away from OBEY?

A: As a musician and song writer, obey is the most inspiring 4 days of the year for me. I end my weekend feeling energetic, enlightened, challenged and appreciative. At the end of the weekend I dig myself out of the comfort zone I live in the rest of the year and push myself further. My favourite songs I’ve ever written are songs I’ve started right after obey. 

O: What are some of your fondest memories of OBEY past?

A: My favourite obey moment was watching lubomyr melnyk at the conservatory during obey 8. I was completely silent and didn’t take my eyes off of him for the entire performance, and when it was over, I turned to my band mate Bianca who was next to me and both our faces were covered in tears

O: Any words of wisdom for people unacquainted with OBEY?

A: Go to everything! I would have never heard US girls, dirty beaches, noveller, wolfcow, Jef barbara, white poppy, grouper, Tropic of Cancer etc (SO MANY performers I love) if i hadn’t just jumped into every show I could. 

O: If OBEY were an acronym, what might it stand for?


O bviously

B est

E ver

Y eah!!!

(I’m the lamest)

O: What are you most excited for at this year’s festival?

A: I’m always very excited to see my local friends perform during obey (especially budi, aquakulture, geil and rabies) ! But I’m also very excited to see the submissives, echo beach, plasma lab and moor mother

O: What would you like to see at OBEY Convention’s of the future?

A: Gosh, obey has already stretched it’s arms out so wide already. The way they marry visual art and musical performances is one of my favourite things. More artist and musician collabs! 

O: Why should people care about OBEY?

A: I go to lots of shows, 90% of the time I leave early because I feel uncomfortable, like I’m not supposed to be there. Obey makes you feel like you belong everywhere. I’ve always been too weird for the ‘norms’, and too normal for the ‘weirdos’. The obey convention appreciates what EVERYONE appreciates. No one is ever left out.