10 Years Of Wyrd – Jesse Locke

17498538_10154465716051305_7946154358540046417_n OBEY X marks ten years of keeping things wyrd in Halifax. To honour this milestone, we’ve invited some close friends of the festival to reflect on what their experiences with us over the years have meant. This one comes care of Jesse Locke, one of Canada’s most on-point music writers and drummer for Century Palm (among many others). Recently, Jesse released the most excellent Heavy Metalloid Music: The Story Of Simply Saucer.


O: Any valuable lessons you’ve taken away from OBEY?

J: If you build it, they will come. Since my first time at OBEY in 2010, it’s been truly inspiring to see how far people are willing to travel for a ‘convention’ of boundary-pushing music and art. The drive to Halifax is always a highlight of the trip too.

O: What are some of your fondest memories of OBEY past?

J: Late nights parties at the Khyber with U.S. Girls, Dirty Beaches, and Pete Swanson. Wig-flipping weirdness at the Bus Stop Theatre with Paul Metzger, Gashrat, and Buck Gooter. Getting in the pit at Menz & Mollyz with Marie Davidson, Petra Glynt, and N.213’s Group Vision. Double-drum blowouts from Eddy. Future music from Mykki Blanco. Transcendent performances from Joshua Abrams, Grouper, Peter Brötzmann, Lubomyr Melnyk, and more than I could ever remember…    

O: Any words of wisdom for people unacquainted with OBEY?

J: Even if you’re not familiar with artists’ names, trust that OBEY’s bookers have put together something incredible and go along for the ride.

O: If OBEY were an acronym, what might it stand for?

J: Obviously Bangin’ Every Year

O: What are you most excited for at this year’s festival?

J: I’m truly sad that I won’t be there but everyone should go see Senyawa, Uniform, Jerry Granelli, Pelada, New Chance, and Plasmalab!

O: What would you like to see at OBEY Convention’s of the future?

J: More performances from Nick Dourado if that’s somehow humanly possible.

O: Why should people care about OBEY?

J: Because it’s so much more than just a music festival. Every time I’ve gone to OBEY I’ve made new friends, had my mind blown, and left feeling recharged, challenged, and inspired.