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Learn about Parisian sandwiches and space echo technology from DJ Goldilocks, our cherubic party starter who’ll be dropping jams Saturday night at Reflections with Le1f, Jef Barbara and XXX CLVR.




Are you really from Halifax? Like, really?
Nah. I grew up in Trana. My mom’s side of the family is all from Halifax, though. My great nan was a butcher in the South End during World War II. Butchery is a skill I dream of acquiring.

Would you describe yourself as an obedient person? Can you unpack that a little?
Hm. I’m very good at breaking rules while appearing obedient. It helps to look a bit cherubic.

What’s it like to make art in Halifax?
Toronto asks ‘where are you going?’ Halifax asks ‘what do you produce?’ Sometimes I feel like I need to make a zine for every one of my pursuits so that Halifax can see I’m doing things. But every time I’ve decided to do something here, I’ve been met with overwhelming support and the immediate flavor of success. This place rewards tenacity and that’s why the very best people live here.

What have you been curious about lately?
Do you know that scientists can’t figure out how noses work? Honey bees have been trained to smell multiple sclerosis in humans before genetic testing is able to detect it. There’s a theory called swarm intelligence that suggests parallel evolution between neurons in the human brain and insects that work communally in hives or colonies. And they’re building a telescope so powerful it will allow us to look at echoes of the big bang in the outer rim of the most distant galaxy we’ve encountered. Because space is time.

Any fond memories of OBEY festivals past you care to unearth?
I once spoke poetry like church prayer in a barbershop in the late afternoon. I’d just learned how to apply eyeliner. Afterward there was electronic music and we all danced.

Tell the world about some important Halifax people. Why are they so damn important to you?
Here’re the first letters of the first names of all the people in Halitown that move me most:


This is the alphabet that fills my world with words.

Tell us about a mind altering sandwich.
Whoa I just got back from Paris and am obsessively thinking of a club sammy I ate there. Thinly sliced boiled egg; thinly sliced baked chicken; mayo; dijon; perfectly toasted sandwich bread. Mmph.

Tell us a secret.
I’m very clumsy.

Can you offer some advice to visiting artists?
Find a lake. Find people to take you the lake. Wear heels if you brought em. Go to the house party of the people you’ve found.