10 Years Of Wyrd – Jesse Matthews

OBEY CONVENTION 2015OBEY X marks ten years of keeping things wyrd in Halifax. To honour this milestone, we’ve invited some close friends of the festival to reflect on what their experiences with us over the years have meant. This one comes care of Jesse Matthews aka JFM. Jesse has performed a handful of times over the festival’s history and has proven time and again to be one of the most inspiring people and performers we know.

O: Any valuable lessons you’ve taken away from OBEY?

J: If you build it, they will come.

O: What are some of your fondest memories of OBEY past?

J: In no chronological or prioritized order; Halifax Rumi Ensemble at the Maritime Conservatory. Torso followed by Bill Orcutt at Jerry Granelli’s studio. Maja Ratkje at the Bus Stop. The night I played with Eric Copeland at the old Khyber. Tim Hecker at Fort Massey Church. Lucia. Sharing a bill with RAMZi and Container at Menz Bar (see pic). Having my cassette deck DJ set at Seahorse shut down by the bar manager at the Seahorse. Jamming with Journeys between the veggies at Common Roots Urban Farm. Parliament being accompanied by a shiny body builder. Evan ‘Secret Colours’ Cardwell.

O: Any words of wisdom for people unacquainted with OBEY?

J: Be free. Don’t sleep.

O: If OBEY were an acronym, what might it stand for?

J: Our Bears Eat Yams

O: What are you most excited for at this year’s festival?

J: New Chance, Pelada, chik white

O: What would you like to see at OBEY Convention’s of the future?

J: Jlin, No Neck Blues Band, Weird Al

O: Why should people care about OBEY?

J: The atmosphere at every Obey I have had the pleasure of attending or playing has always been one of mutual respect, admiration and excitement for sharing unconventional ideas in an open environment. That is something worth preserving.