Call for Board Members + AGM

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Monday March 11, 6pm
Halifax Central Library, Room 301

We’re getting ready to host our annual general meeting and we’d love to see you there. The AGM is a great way to get involved and/or get a peek into what’s going on with our organization. This year, we’re looking for three new board members to join our team. If you’re interested, there’s more information on how to apply and what the position entails after the jump!

OBEY Convention began as a weekend of DIY shows strung together by a few close friends. It has since grown into one of the nation’s most exciting music festivals, with an international reputation for unique programming, strong ideals and forward-thinking curation. Such growth is not possible without a lot of hard work from staff, contractors and volunteers. To this day, OBEY Convention is a labour of love, run by a small group of enthusiasts working tirelessly to bring you new perspectives on contemporary music.

OBEY is looking to expand its Board Of Directors by bringing fresh faces and new ideas to the table. We are looking for individuals who show attention to detail, a willingness to ask questions, an enthusiasm for the organization and who have sufficient time to fulfill the requirements of the position they take on, including attending board meetings (approx. 8 annually over a two-year term).

If you are interested, please send a brief letter of interest to kat@obeyconvention.com including:

– your name and contact information
– what interests you about being a member of the OBEY Board
* We welcome interested parties to self-identify in any way they feel comfortable as well as including any insight into pertinent work / volunteer experience.

Joining the OBEY Board of Directors is a great opportunity for artists or supporters of the arts living in Halifax NS. Board members play an active role in supporting OBEY staff, artists, and community members in maintaining and developing a vision of an inclusive, forward-looking music organization. OBEY Members with up-to-date paid memberships are eligible to run for board positions. If this financial contribution presents a barrier, we are happy to provide skill-trades and volunteered time (10 hours minimum) in lieu of payment. If this option appeals to you, simply include a note in your letter of interest.

To nominate another member, please supply the name and contact information for your nominee and we will contact the nominee directly prior to our AGM.