ontheroadAs you prepare to ascend into the portal that is OBEY Convention, you may be wondering: Where will I eat? Is there coffee nearby? How will I quench my undying thirst? Who’s got the freshest spring duds in town? Where the deep cut wax at? Why is it called OBEY Convention? Isn’t that whole city destined to slip into the ocean eventually? Do they even have cell reception in such a craggy outpost?

Answers to most of these questions can be found below.



EDNA Restaurant – Easily the finest local fare. Beautiful atmosphere. Oysters anyone?
Dee Dee’s – Burritos on the cheap. Homemade ice cream and all around adorability.
The Canteen – Take the ferry to Dartmouth and eat the best sandwich/salad combo you’ve ever had.
Ace Burger – Killer patties and fries served in two legendary locations: Gus’ Pub & Little Casino, and Bearly’s House of Blues & Ribs.
Salvatore’s Pizza – Real traditional-like pizza in the Deep North. A classic.
enVie – Righteously delicious vegan fare.
Mary’s Place 1 and 2 – This is where breakfast happens, all day, all the time. Your pals are already there.
Coastal Cafe – Indulgent brunch and breakfast done really, really right. Limited seating, early hours.
Song’s Korean – A no brainer. Quinpool’s oasis of deliciousness. The house special soup is epic.
9+Nine Chinese Cuisine – Drive all the way to Clayton Park. Do not pass Go. Do not miss a show. Get wicked authentic Chinese fare in a tucked-away strip mall.
Seven Bays Bouldering – Have a light lunch, drink a draft, climb a wall. Not necessarily in that order.
Mid-East Food Centre – Right at the nexus of Agricola + North. Garlic, parsley, beans, souvlaki. Quick + Cheap.
ASAP Rocky’s Filipino Buffet – That’s right. The original ASAP Rocky. An $11 all-you-can-eat buffet served weekdays at lunchtime and a late night street meat cart on weekends. In the heart of our weird ‘downtown’.
John’s Lunch – This is the deepest cut. Seafood fried up by hairy-armed men in a tiny shack on the outskirts of Dartmouth. It’s proximity to Value Village means you can make a day of it.

Saturday Morning Market Musts:

Dragon Pad Thai – Pro tip: Best Pad Thai In The City, Saturday mornings only until 1pm at the Historic Brewery Market.
Selwood Green – Halifax’s first farm to table restaurant run by the tallest, friendliest german man, Norbert. This is total purity. It will save you. Plus, this sucker is open seven days a week!
Mary’s African Cuisine – The $10 super sampler plate will fill you. FOREVER.
Boulangerie La Vendéenne – Sweet, sweet french breads.


Garrison – One of the oldest and most creative micro breweries in the city. Drink it up all weekend.
Field Guide – Innovative small plates to share. Totally ballin’ cocktails and swoon-worthy waitstaff
Stillwell – The beer place with all the good beers, y’know? Also: snacks. There will be snacks.
Charlie’s Club – A local staple of strange encounters. Pool tables, a jukebox somehow featuring The Fall, odd stragglers. The code to get in is the civic address. Good luck.
Superstar Bar – Private-room karaoke anyone? It’s like partying in those suburban teenage basements of your youth. And they have dumplings too, but you might have to be insistent in your ordering of them.
The Khyber – Festival HQ with art and license.


Java Blend – For the morningtimes, you gentle beast. Pull that thorn from your paw. Awake, awake!
Trident Cafe – The gem of the South End. Grab a coffee, peruse the stacks of used books.
Lion & Bright – Bring a laptop, send us an e-mail about how you’re feeling. Oh, and they have nice food, too. Also, lastly, a place for nighttime drinks (which you can enjoy equally in the daytimes, capiche?)
Smiling Goat – Top notch downtown-type coffee. Real premium.


Lost & Found – Just all the things you could ever want. Wins ‘best in-store music’ every damn day.
One Block Barbershop – Get a cut, have a soda, spin a yarn. A most accommodating, friendly joint.
Obsolete Records – Loads of new vinyl. Go there and learn obscure facts about Michael Gira, or purchase an obscure Madlib-related release no one else would consider stocking.
Taz Records – The emporium of wax. You never know what you’ll find. Deep, deep oceans of sound and culture.
Big Pony – A fun store for fun people with rad clothes, accessories and art. Fun people only, thanks!
Elsie’s – Vintage royalty. Tasty fashion. Oh the splendour!
Bookmark – Independent, locally owned bookstore with the nicest people inside. Just in case you’re dying to read some Elena Ferrante while you’re in town.
Courtside Sneakers – For the weary traveler, a pair of ballin’ kicks.
Last Word – Deceptively piled-up bookshop owned by a talkative, knowledgeable man with a 1% gruff layer.
Atlantic News – Grab a candy bar and a fancy magazine for the long ride home, you intrepid maniac.
Strange Adventures – Comics! Comics! Nerds! Comics!
Plan B Merchants Co-op – A wide spectrum of who knows what. A real must for the curio.

Lord Nelson Hotel – It’s where all the cool kids are staying for the weekend. Historic. Beautiful. Central.
Halifax Central Library – The brand new architectural centre piece of of downtown.
CKDU – Local campus & community station and strong supporter of OBEY.
Public Gardens – One of the oldest Victorian Gardens in North America. Don’t feed the swans.
OBEY Ride Share – Finally, if you’re looking for a ride, check in here. We didn’t set it up, but it looks like a good resource.