New Music From The Academy ::: Update

Penick, Van_2016We’re stoked to announce that this year’s New Music For The Academy performance will feature a piece by veteran composer Van Penick. Entitled FIRST LIFE, the piece will be performed in Granville Square on Thursday May 25th at 5pm, featuring the insanely talented Andrew MacKelvie, Tim Crofts, Norm Adams and D’Arcy Gray.

Here’s a little insight into Van’s intriguing background :::

“In an effort to beef up his musical skills prior to majoring in music, Van attended the Manhattan School of Music in 1966 to take sight-singing (an abject failure) and a school which pretended to be affiliated with U Cal Berkeley in 1967 to study the sitar (a roaring success). He received his AB (Music) from Princeton University in 1968, having satisfied the degree’s performance requirement by playing the triangle to mild acclaim in Louis Spohr’s Notturno for Winds and Turkish Band.

After a diversion of several decades into the practice of energy law, he received his Master of Arts (Musicology) in 2014 from Dalhousie University. His master’s thesis topic (under the thoughtful direction of Prof. Steve Baur) was Theodor Adorno’s theory of listener regression. In April of 2015 he made a presentation on listener regression and primary consciousness at Oxford University’s Music and Consciousness II Conference.

He is working now on a paper exploring the origin of music and its implications in our lives. He is also working on a collection of songs extolling the virtues of his generation, which includes, so far: “Walking” (an amiable tune encouraging his temporal colleagues to keep moving); ”We’ve Got the Time” (an anthemic call to political grey action); and “Post-Sexuals” (a musical expose of the most overlooked and discriminated against gender group in our society). His composition, First Life, was developed from the section in his masters program on improvisation led by Prof. Jerome Blais.”

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