An 18-year-old quadruple threat (writer, producer, arranger, vocalist) from Halifax, Zamani made her first foray into performing in 2014 through invitation from Corey Adams (son of local legend Bucky Adams) to perform at the popular For The Love Of God concert. Following that, in 2015, she received praise from the late Sharon Jones after the veteran vocalist caught her set at the TD Halifax Jazz Festival. We had our domes blown witnessing Zamani contribute to the Mayworks Festival last spring, as part of a tribute night to the vital 80s vocal group Four The Moment (which featured none other than her mom, Delvina Bernard). Lineage aside, Zamani is a striking performer. Her bracing vocals, her smooth presence and her intricate production work belie her young age. Folding inspirations from India Arie, Solange, Betty Carter, Mariah Carey and more into a unique voice all her own, we’re stoked to be hosting Zamani as she continues her steady ascent to her rightful place at the tippy top.