This solo project from Walton resident Jesse Griffith is some of the most unique and powerful music we’ve heard come out of the hardened rural lands of Nova Scotia (and that’s really saying something). A jack-of-all-trades guitarist who’s dabbled in country, jazz, folk, top 40 and more, Griffith is a restless seeker. WANDARIAN finds him creating unlikely sounds by approaching his nylon string guitar as a landscape; unpacking and smashing together the lessons he’s sought in Two Eyed Seeing (a tradition of awareness that combines both settler and indigenous perspectives) and West African kora music. The result is a blend of unprecedented sound and texture, music that challenges assumptions and reveals new vistas. A clear product of tangled heart and percussive melody, shaped by the tides and eyes wide-open.

Hussam Al Assaf

Friday, May 25th
Common Roots Farm
3pm | FREE | All Ages