This blackened doom metal two-piece hails from Hamilton, Ontario. Their most recent release, Cast Of Static and Smoke, is a rib-crushing headtrip. Over four tracks running 44 minutes, Vic and KW (self-described as an ‘antioppressive, angry, queer doom cult’) take the listener on a journey centering around a postapocalyptic sci-fi narrative. Written first as a short story then conceptualized as an album, the LP skirts the conceptual pitfalls of becoming heavyhanded; the results are just fucking HEAVY, full stop. Transitioning seamlessly between ideas and flowing beautifully between motives while retaining a torturous gnarl, Cast Of Static and Smoke marks the duo as one of the most exciting doom outfits on the continent.

Taz Records presents
Pharmakon + Vile Creature

Saturday, May 26th
Seahorse Tavern
7:30pm | $20 | 19+

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