Amidst the political unrest of early 2017, on the very day of President Trump’s inauguration, this industrial NYC thrash-metal duo released one of the angriest, most ferocious records in recent memory. Wake In Fright draws on the overdriven drum-machine-nihilism of Big Black and folds found sound, foley samples and bloodletting solos into the galvanic madness. But where Albini & Co were often sardonic, detached even, Michael Berdan’s venomous vocals and relentless stage presence remind the audience that much is at stake. Steeped in hardcore’s furious rage and seared by moments of burning, metallic precision, Uniform provide few answers to today’s troubling times; rather, they respond with a form of vital confrontation. Distressed and painful. Wholly unforgiving. Uniform is stricken with a new world fever.

Wake In Fright is a misanthropic social/personal/political blank cheque as bleak in outlook as it is righteously harrowing in sound. It’s 2017, and life’s a chasm. Uniform are staring right in. - The Quietus

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Uniform + ✘O ✘V ✘T + The Submissives + DJ Ron Wolf, CEO
@ The Marquee | Friday May 26th | $20a/$25d