Sanaz is a PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology and a graduate of Tehran Conservatory of music (Honarestan Musighi) specializing in piano and kanun. She has a Bachelor of Music from Soureh Higher Education Institutein Tehran and Bachelor of Spanish Language and Literature from Allameh Tabatabai University. In 2008 she moved to Istanbul, Turkey in order to improve her kanun performances skills where she benefited from the mentorship of master of kanun Ahmet Meter. She finished her Maser in Turkish music from Istanbul Technical University, Conservatory of Turkish Music. Sanaz started a PhD program in Ethnomusicology at the same University in 2010. She has performed with different ensembles since 1998 in Tehran and continued taking part in concerts while she was in Istanbul where she had the opportunity of performing with different ensembles such as Mixta; Spanish music with Turkish instruments and free improvisation ensemble and duet of soprano, electronics and kanun. She has also contributed to various albums, the most important of which are, Showaname (2012), From Rey to Roum (2013) and Rehavi (2014). She also performed with different group after she moved to Canada since 2014 the significant ones are Spiral Modes (founder), Andalib ensemble and Blue Dot Band. We’re honored to be hosting such a special performer with a deep musical knowledge and a thirst for combining and opening traditions to match!