Landing somewhere between experimental comedy and sound art, the performance work of Ray Fenwick leaves the audience gently boggled. Rather than work to a point, his performances tease apart sign-making systems, revealing all the glorious mess and absurdity within. An interdisciplinary artist working with performance, video, sound and typography, Ray is one of the sharpest, funniest people we know. His work is a playful attempt to explore unusual relationships to language, voice, and communication. Having performed and exhibited extensively over the last decade from coast to coast, Ray has emerged as a major voice in contemporary art in Canada. We’re thrilled to be hosting his newest piece, How To Talk With Plants, wherein this expert guide neurotically explores the curious failures of communication.

Anna Leonowens + EverySeeker present
Ray Fenwick – How To Talk With Plants

Sunday, May 27th
Art Bar
2pm | FREE | All Ages