This Fever Ray collaborator is one of contemporary dance music’s brightest producers. The Portuguese-born, Bordeaux-based firestarter landed herself on recent year-end lists from Pitchfork, The Wire, NPR, The Quietus; all at the ripe young age of 21. Her deft approach to production finds roots in kuduro, an Angolan style of heavy-hitting 80’s dance music that migrated to Portuguese communities throughout the following decade, being further shaped by Western house influences and hyper-local punk mentalities. As kuduro continues to shed its regional limits and infiltrate the larger global consciousness, Nídia’s music sounds more and more unique: shot through with a disaffected attitude, anchored by buzzsaw bass and streams of left-field melody.

Nídia + Jerico + Benjamin + DJ Fadzwa

Portia White Atrium
Citadel High School
Saturday, May 26th
10pm | $20 | 19+

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