Na’siya Stephenson is an 11-year-old dancer inspired by her favorite artist, R&B singer/ dancer /model Ciara. In the fall 2015, while in Grade 2, she joined started practicing dance routines at home that she picked up from other kids while attending Youthnet, a neighborhood after school program. Her mom then reached out to Sarah Krahn, one of Youthnet’s coordinators, about how much Na’siya enjoyed dancing and that she was very intrigued about getting involved in dancing with the older children. In the summer of 2016, she performed her first solo dance and coordinated a group dance on stage at Extravajam, a Youthnet-run celebration. This opportunity opened doors for other performances including the most recent installments of UNI Festival on Gottingen Street. She is determined to learn all the dance moves out there, knowing that there is so many different ways to dance especially when it comes to culture. When she dances she’s in her own world and no matter what mood she is in, it brings her to her happy place.  She is excited to join OBEY Convention as she coordinates an original dance piece with a group of her friends known as the “Dancing Scotian”. Na’siya unleashes the youthful energy as part of ‘Springin’ In The Summer’, taking place Friday May 31st during the Strange Froots & Zamani show.