Michelle Sylliboy, a L’nuk (Mi’kmaq) artist/author, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised on unceded territory in We’koqmaq Cape Breton. Arriving on the art scene in 1995, her interdisciplinary practice embodies some of her own life experiences, which has led her to work with emerging and professional artists from all over Turtle Island. She gathers much of her inspiration from personal tales, the environment, and L’nuk culture. A PhD candidate, Michelle is working on her Philosophy of Education Doctorate Degree fieldwork where she will combine her artistic background and education by creating a L’nuk Komqwejwi’kasikl (Hieroglyphic) curriculum with L’nuk teachers and Elders in Cape Breton. At OBEY, Michelle will be mounting a special collaborative performance with sound artist Lindsay Dobbin and multi-instrumentalists Johnny Spence and Nick Dourado, based on work recently published with Rebel Mountain Press as I Am Ready, a book that combines poetry, photography and L’nuk hieroglyphics.