Beginning in 2005, Eric Diolola (aka Maximata) immersed himself in the underground sound art scenes throughout Cavite and Manila in The Philippines. The following decade would see him mentoring and collaborating with a wide range of artists including a who’s-who of the Filipino avant-garde, Japanese noise pioneer Seidou Toshiyuki and Taiwanese pipa player Luo Chao Yun. Using anything from psps, gameboys, broken effects pedals, midi joysticks, indigenous instruments, toddler toys, casio , samples, circuit bending and laptops, Diolola explores a wide range of sounds and textures in his work. With Maximata, Diolola harnesses his mega powers to unleash woozy cuts of off-club beats. As danceable as it is disorienting, the music of Maximata showcases a restless mind intent on bending the rules of everything.

ONO + Sydanie + Maximata + DJ Douvet

Friday, May 25th
Seahorse Tavern
10pm | $20 | 19+

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