Born in Kunming in the province of Yunnan, China and currently residing in Montreal, Liu Fang is one of the world’s foremost performers of classical Chinese literati music. A tradition with heavy philosophical and poetic associations, Liu Fang’s virtuosic talent and sensibility suffuse this music with vivid detail. Performing on the pipa, a traditional lute dating back over two-thousand years, Liu Fang demonstrates an intensity typified by the roots of her practice. Rather than mere entertainment or even intellectual expression, the focus of a Chinese literati music practice is that of self-cultivation, meditation, mind-purification and spiritual elevation. We’re beyond grateful to be partnering with The Confucius Institute in presenting this world-renowned performer.

The Confucius Institute presents
Liu Fang + New Hermitage

Thursday, May 24th
Fort Massey Church
7:30pm | $20 | All Ages

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