James Hoff

Be it developing sonic installations of rioting crowds or infecting 808s and iPhones with computer viruses to record an LP, concepts of disruption and distribution are foundational to the work of James Hoff. Equally at home as a musician, visual artist and writer/editor, Hoff’s output across mediums blurs the lines between functionality and infection. His music continues a certain lineage of modern composition, marrying conceptual mechanics with populist soundscapes; recalling the ways in which Robert Ashley might turn geometrical patterns into a television opera, or how Matmos turn the sickening sounds of surgery into ‘sick’ grooves. Sonically, the work warps a space; it is challenging and confrontational, though not entirely so. The blank spaces and white noise dropouts, coupled with familiar hive-mind blips, manage to add up to something more than alienation. Much the way the drug of capitalism is consumed and all-consuming, so Hoff’s mind-altering music works both ways: it pulls you in, it pulls you in, astonished.

“His seven compositions are half John Cage and half Autechre; warmer than “glitch techno,” colder than Syro; mostly blasts of fuzz and video game morse code that come in two or three minute bursts. The B-side of raw source materials is supposed to mirror a DJ “scratch record” but the non-stop, unrelenting randomness makes it a stronger piece, sounding like 15 minutes of Transformers training camp.” – Rolling Stone, Best Avant Albums Of 2014 for ‘Blaster’



w/ D/A A/D + Nylon Tarps
@ Garrison Brewery (1149 Marginal Rd.)
Saturday, January 14th, 10pm 
$15 suggested donation | 19+