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As chik white, West Chezzetcook’s Darcy Spidle conjures nature’s violence by sounding his body with a jaw harp. As a musician, performance artist, screenwriter and, yes, founder and former director of the OBEY Convention, Spidle has been an indispensable force for all things wyrd in Nova Scotia. The past year has seen a reactivation of his jaw harp practice with two widely acclaim releases, 2016’s Malform and 2017’s Soft Shapes. Both recordings showcase Spidle’s relentless physical dedication and nuanced compositional voice, all augmented by newfound close-miking techniques that make for a severely twisted and intimate listen. His live performances play out as selfless dirges into the depths of human form and condition. Behold the dark energy.

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Instant Places + chik white
@ The Halifax Music Co-op | Friday May 26th | $10d