Colin Fisher


If everything goes the way we hope, Colin Fisher’s likeness will be printed on money someday. The Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, Alexander Technique teacher and tarot reader is an institution of creative music in North America. For Fisher, the power of music exceeds classification and genre, it finds root in the expression of the biological organism and its relationship to the greater universe/creation which is defined by vibrations. His contributions to labels such as Tzadik, Healing Power, Merge, Sub Pop and Inyrdisk among others span free jazz, psych-folk and the experimental edges of rock. His performance here in 20I5 as one half of cosmic duo Not The Wind Not The Flag was totally transforming, and we expect his solo outing to be much the same. In his own words: “Music can heal; serving as biofeedback to bring the organism back into balance/homeostasis”.

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Senyawa + Jerry Granelli + Colin Fisher
@ Fort Massey Church | May 25th | $20a/$25d