Originally born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Bria is a Queer, Black, Indigenous mixed media visual artist, musician and graphic facilitator currently living in the North End of Halifax. Through her dedication to building equity and relationships in community, she is working to create spaces–sometimes literally through fort building–where racialized and LGBTQIAP+ artists can be centered. The spaces she holds are intended to invite marginalized folks to create on their own terms, have support and access to resources they need, collaborate, connect across difference, and have their individual voices amplified and heard. For her part in OBEY, Miller will be sitting down with members of ONO to explore shared interests in creativity, institutional marginalization and POC histories.

NSPIRG + EverySeeker present
ONO + Bria Cherise Miller:
Live In Conversation

Saturday, May 26th
North Memorial Library
4pm | FREE | All Ages