Working in a genre self-described as ‘aquavibe’, 24-year-old Lance Sampson displays a preternatural gift for individuation and inspiration. After a smattering of Soundcloud singles, including the effortless vibe-inducer ‘1 Spring Garden’,  Sampson dropped his first collection, Water Temple, in late March. Touching on nu-blues, R&B and spacious neo-soul, his distinctive, captivating persona is felt throughout.  Having spent time time in and out of prison between ages 15 and 21, Sampson learned to play guitar while incarcerated and used music as a means for spiritual focus. Fed up with the limitations his former musical persona, Lex, a hardcore street emcee, Sampson opted instead for Aquakultre, a title that brings with it a renewed source of energy and exploration. In the early stages of a full and startling blossom, Aquakultre is Halifax’s most exciting young voice.

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Aquakultre + Fake Buildings
@ Seven Bays Bouldering | Saturday May 27th | FREE