10 Years of Wyrd – Alex Zhang Hungtai

dirty-beaches_152140673351OBEY X marks ten years of keeping things wyrd in Halifax. To honour this milestone, we’ve invited some close friends of the festival to reflect on what their experiences with us over the years. First up is Alex Zhang Hungtai of Last Lizard (formerly Dirty Beaches). 

O: Any valuable lessons you’ve taken away from OBEY?

A: when you change and evolve there are actually people like obey that care about music and people  

O: What are some of your fondest memories of OBEY past?

A: the awkward (sustained) silence of eating pasta with Peter brotzmann 

O: Any words of wisdom for people unacquainted with OBEY?

A: you missing out bruh

O: If OBEY were an acronym, what might it stand for?

A: obsolete baking Egyptian yam 

O: What are you most excited for at this year’s festival?

A: don’t know but always excited to see the poster 

O: What would you like to see at OBEY Convention’s of the future?

A: collaborations between people you can’t imagine playing together (therefor creating new friendships or possibly creating enemies as well or ending friendships )

O: Why should people care about OBEY?

A: because obey cares, staring at other regular boring ass festivals in the eye like Care Bears shooting love out of their chests.